Callicarpa spp.
Attractive, graceful, small shrubs, Beautyberries feature arching branches, small, light purple flowers and striking clusters of round, bright purple berries which persist well into the winter.
Early Amethyst
Callicarpa dichotoma
This unique and compact variety is prized for its abundant, bright purple berries and slender, arching branches that sweep the ground. Early Amethyst grows to 3-4 ft. in height and is hardy to minus 20˚F. 6840
Issai Beautyberry
Callicarpa dichotoma
This spectacular Japanese selection features abundant, striking bright violet berries. It’s attractive, slender, arching branches and compact growth habit make this an ideal shrub for almost any garden or landscape. Issai grows 3-4 ft. in height and is hardy to minus 20°F. 6846
Callicarpa bodinieri
Profusion's abundant, tiny, mauve flowers are accented by the deep green foliage, which turns a beautiful yellow in the fall. In autumn, Profusion features a striking display of bunches of violet berries, which persist long after leaf fall. Profusion can grow 6-7 ft. in height and is hardy to minus 10˚F. 6850
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