Vaccinium spp.
Attractive fruiting shrubs, Blueberries feature flavorful, nutritious berries, beautiful spring flowers, brilliant fall color, and a range of sizes, hardiness and ripening dates. Blueberries are easy to grow, require little care and are seldom bothered by pests. While Blueberries and considered self-fertile, planting two varieties will ensure abundant crops.
Highbush Blueberries
These bushes produce the large, delectable berries found at farmstands and in supermarkets. Most varieties grow 4-5 ft. in height and are hardy to minus 30°F.
Vaccinium corymbosum
This popular and widely grown variety features large, sweet, flavorful, powder-blue berries, which ripen over the course of a month in mid summer. Bluecrop is also prized for its striking, crimson red, fall foliage. 5750
Vaccinium corymbosum
One of the largest blueberries, this outstanding selection from New Jersey bears spectacular, cherry-size, sweet and flavorful fruit. Chandler begins ripening in mid-summer and harvest extends over several weeks. 5758
Vaccinium corymbosum
This unique and productive variety features very large, quarter-size, dark blue berries with delectable, sweet-tart flavor. 5765
Vaccinium corymbosum
One of the earliest Blueberries to ripen, Duke bears good crops of sweet, firm, and very flavorful fruit. Duke bears abundant annual crops of powder-blue berries, which begin ripening in early July. 5767
Vaccinium corymbosum
This new, late-ripening, patented variety is prized for its large, sweet, and flavorful, sky-blue berries. Liberty is especially easy to harvest and forms an attractive, upright growing, small shrub. (PP.15146) 5776
Vaccinium corymbosum
This unique, early ripening variety is prized for its sweet, quarter-size, flavorful berries and its striking, orange and yellow, fall foliage. 5790
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