Attractive large grasses, Bamboo makes graceful and attractive evergreen screens or windbreaks. Bamboo culms (or canes) sprout annually and reach their maximum height in a few weeks. New increasein diameter as the plant ages and live for several years..Bamboo’s strong and durable canes make great plant stakes and, when very young, can be harvested and make a delicious addition to many dishes.
Giant Timber Bamboo
Phyllostachys vivax
The spectacular canes of this unique species can reach 7” in diameter and 60 ft. in height. Giant Timber features long, bright green foliage and procuces tasty shoots. It is hardy to minus 10°F. 4520
Green Bamboo
Phyllostachys nuda
This attractive species is prized for its graceful, fine foliage. on canes that can reach 2” in diameter and 15-20 ft. in height. Green Bamboo is hardy to minus 20°F and produces particularly tasty shoots. 4540
Ivory Column Bamboo
Fargesia robusta
This very attractive form of clumping Bamboo, features bright green foliage and white culm sheaths that contrast nicely with the dark green canes. Ivory Column’s sturdy canes can grow to 20 ft. in height and make good garden stakes and walking sticks. Ivory Column is hardy to 0°F. 4517
Red Margin Bamboo
Phyllostachys rubromarginata
This graceful and attractive species features supple, dark green foliage. and strong canes with an attractive red margin that can reach 60 ft. in height. Red Margin produces tasty shoots and is reportedly tolerant of alkaline soils and high winds. It is hardy to minus 5°F. 4560
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