We discovered these hardy, beautiful and useful Lilies while traveling in the Xian region of China. Very popular delicacies in that area, they are used in a wide variety of dishes. Besides having either edible bulbs or flowers, they are also very attractive perennials and will complement any garden.
Citron Daylily
Hemerocallis citrina
This very hardy Daylily features deliciously fragrant, attractive, lemon-colored flowers. The unopened buds of these large flowers are a tasty delicacy in stir-fryies, soups, and stews. A beautiful addition to flower beds and borders, Citron Daylily grows 2-3 ft. in height and can be grown where temperatures fall to as low as minus 35°F. 7530
Lanzho Lily
Lilium davidii var. unicolor
This very attractive lily is prized for its bright red flowers and large, delicious bulbs. Crunchy and sweet, they can be used like water chestnuts in stir-fries and soups. A hardy perennial, Lanzho Lily reaches 12-18” in height and can be grown where temperatures fall as low as minus 20°F. 7510
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